Lacey Pepper
AQHA     3089694
1992 Sorrel Mare

Pedigree Joe Reed II
  Little Fanny
Lad Leo  
  Bobs Folly
Beaver Bobbie  
Lady Cravit
Dry Doc
Dry Spec A Pepper  
  Peppermint Chex
Casey Pepper  
  Bill's Trey Bar
Paris Cutter  
Poco Blue Bueno

Sells pastured exposed to JX Leo Sun Up.  Lacey is a long-time family favorite.  Broke to ride as a two-year old and started by Jerry on the barrels.  But, being a mare, Wade just had to breed her to see what she would produce.  She is a great mare.  She is one our foundation mares with the Lad Leo (Leo) and Dry Spec A Pepper cross.

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Last updated Tuesday August 29, 2017

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