JX Leo Sun Up
AQHA     3425960
1995 Palomino Stallion

Pedigree Joe Reed II
  Little Fanny
Lad Leo  
  Bobs Folly
Beaver Bobbie  
Lady Cravit
Jet On
Dinner Flight  
  Dinner Czech
Ashley Square  
  Four Square
Tammy Square  
Slipperbar Bob

Breed Fee:  $500
Contact Us: 
 (208) 862-3402

Highest concentration of Leo blood.  Like his sire he is adding strength and heart to our breeding program.  JX is one of the youngest grandson's of the immortal Leo.

Added pluses are: Disposition - Just like his sire he is all business.  You give him a job to do and he does it.  Speed - Dinner Flight is a well known producer of speed and is now being used as a barrel racing sire.  Not only for speed, but they are good minded horses.  Lad Leo AA.  Color - Palomino and his dam was buckskin.

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JX Leo Sun Up
JX Leo Sun Up
JX Leo Sun Up
JX Leo Sun Up
JX Leo Sun Up
JX Leo Sun Up

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